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Wonder is a powerful emotion that inspires creativity, curiosity, and a deeper appreciation for the world around us.

Welcome to the eclectic world of Rat des Champs where every piece spins its own tale of wonder.

Our Philosophy

The life of haste can become superficial. We revel in the art of slowing down, giving our minds the freedom to wander and connect with the world that surrounds us.

Our Role

We are nostalgic fabulists,

the stewards of stories. We resurrect the essence of past eras to provoke thought, inspire joy, and create worlds where common threads unite diverse souls.

our promise

To embrace authenticity.

We'll steer clear of consumerism, materialism, fashion trends, instant gratification, cultural shallowing, and greenwashing.

Our Perspective

We are members of a growing and diverse community who encompass the DIY fashion movement.

Rat des Champs is vintage, symbolic, and timeless - but not trapped in the past. We are using imagination to create an immersive and inspiring brand experience. Our world is inclusive, inviting, unisex, and ageless. Our style is eclectic, dynamic, and a bit unconventional.

We believe in humanity, the imperfect, the mindful, and the personal.

Our Journey

At a glance

Behind the scenes there is hard work evolving into a growing network of creative and business partnerships. We are one piece of the puzzle in a movement toward a new industry focused on community and making better quality clothing.


We don't jump on the latest trends.

Our products are unique and small batch. Thoughtful details are at the forefront of each piece and they are designed to stand the test of time.

The new collection

Our upcoming collection will debut later this year. We'll introduce five newly developed styles and bring back some of our past favorites in all new fabrics and trims.


The Nostalgia Culture

The Nostalgia Culture

Nostalgic references have always had a place in contemporary life, but variety and diversity has never seemed so broad and exciting as it is today. With growing interest in vintage clothing and dec...
Recent Travels

Recent Travels

[Originally posted in the summer of 2022] I want to share some exciting news about what’s happening at Rat des Champs! During the first week of June, Kaitlyn and I took a long-awaited trip to Los A...
The Fable of Rat des Champs

The Fable of Rat des Champs

People often ask where the name Rat des Champs comes from, so I wanted to share the story. It’s a classic fable told over centuries in many languages, and in its simplicity illustrates a core value...


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