The Nostalgia Culture

The Nostalgia Culture

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Nostalgic references have always had a place in contemporary life, but variety and diversity has never seemed so broad and exciting as it is today. With growing interest in vintage clothing and decor, thrifting culture, and resale, it’s becoming part of an entire generation’s natural way of life. Storytelling with collected historical and cultural references has also found a place in our modern lives thanks to the access we have to sharing platforms. 



A personal pastime of mine is trying to pinpoint all the details and references from an outfit or scene and figuring out what this or that person loves or has been influenced by. Even more fun is when I feel it but can’t put my finger on it. I share this love with other generations within my own family and friend group.


I’m inspired by how nostalgia is being embraced to build community. It is informing a new way of sharing with others. Never has befriending a person from another town, country, or continent been so easy. Nostalgia plays a big role in bridging the gulfs between people.


Not only that, but nostalgia as a visual element for brands is experiencing a steady rise in popularity. In times of uncertainty, it can be comforting to look back to a time when life seemed less complex and more predictable. *



In a recent deep dive into our brand, we were delighted to discover that even the experts believe nostalgia is here to stay.


In our world we reflect on the spirit of countercultural movements by showing a sense of community and indie ethos. Aesthetics enthusiasts rejoice, because brands in general are embracing distinctive visual worlds with analog photography and nostalgic typography. *


Nowadays, brands that offer a bold aesthetic and an authentic but somehow eccentric brand world are getting more attention in the fashion industry and beyond. Creators of all stripes are breaking with traditional aesthetics to create visual worlds that are radiant, playful, and exciting, and notably reminiscent of past eras. We also observe a growing interest in aesthetic movements such as cottagecore and the romanticization of the ordinary, which revolve around nostalgic philosophies. *



“The Pew Research Center reports that 60% of American adults sometimes feel too busy to enjoy life - and technology has only quickened our pace.” * This plays a role in our desire to experience the world through the lens of past generations. We imagine our sometimes-chaotic lives without the overwhelming distractions of modern technology.


Interestingly, the appeal of nostalgia extends beyond those who experienced those eras. According to the latest YouTube Culture & Trends Report, 82% of Gen Z actively seek out content designed to trigger nostalgic feelings. *


Nostalgia is more than longing for the past, it’s providing much needed creative inspiration and hope in the face of the complexities of our modern world. There really isn’t anything that compares with getting the warm fuzzies or the rush of excitement from a nostalgic moment.


Excerpts from: Cultural Audit Rat des Champs, Wonderland Studios, Ams, Netherlands *


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