Recent Travels

Recent Travels

[Originally posted in the summer of 2022] I want to share some exciting news about what’s happening at Rat des Champs! During the first week of June, Kaitlyn and I took a long-awaited trip to Los Angeles to meet the development and production team at TEG, a fashion house that specializes in bringing to market small and independent designers, and to have our first proper garment fittings.

Over the past two years, like everyone else, I dealt with closures and logistical issues plus the personal struggles brought on by the pandemic. I was dutifully focussing my energy on what work I could do while slogging through some very difficult, life-changing circumstances. During what might have been the breaking point for me and RDC at the end of 2021, as most rays of light shine brightest in the darkness I suppose, I got an opportunity to work with the talented team at TEG. 

We took the first trip to see the samples of our dress designs earlier this month. TEG beautifully crafted two styles, which will become the foundation of the newest Rat des Champs line of garms!

To all the self-taught, passionate makers out there, do not give up on yourself. It’s okay to dream beyond the corners of your studio, home, and town because there really are no roadblocks bigger than the ones you create for yourself. The best kind of life is one where you don’t hide from opportunities, but seek them out. Sometimes you’ll get rejected or things just won’t work out. When you get knocked down, it happens, pop back up knowing you’re still learning and growing and experiencing the fullness of life. Don’t give up, I’m definitely glad I haven’t. Stick with it a little longer, a new amazing opportunity will appear!

I have to admit seeing our designs materialize in this way is such a delight that I don’t think there is one image of me without a huge smile on my face! I don’t play the part of serious business person, but I had to laugh a little at the energy I brought to this meeting because it was really bubbling over even for me. I hope you are as excited to see these samples as we were. More of this story to come!

Best Wishes,