The Fable of Rat des Champs

The Fable of Rat des Champs

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People often ask where the name Rat des Champs comes from, so I wanted to share the story. It’s a classic fable told over centuries in many languages, and in its simplicity illustrates a core value of our brand.

It began as a tale told long ago by Aesop which was reimagined by French fabulist Jean de La Fontaine in the 17th century, “Le Rat de Ville et le Rat des Champs”, or “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse”. It tells the story of two genial mice; the country mouse who invites the city mouse over for a simple country meal, and the city mouse who declines and in turn invites the country mouse to experience a finer occasion in the big city. 

While beginning to enjoy their lavish feast in the city, a cat disrupts the meal, and the mice must flee to safety with empty bellies. The city mouse explains that they are often the target of attack, and the country mouse realizes they prefer the security of being in the country over the stress of the city. Even if the humble country meal doesn't appear to be of great taste or value, being secure with a full belly at the end of the day is more valuable than extravagance. The moral of the story is about appreciating what you have and resisting temptations of things that come at too high a cost. This is the Rat des Champs philosophy: Slow, comfortable living with high regard for the true value of the things we buy.

This little story is the heart of our brand. Simplicity, comfort, vintage style, and function meet so that our garms integrate seamlessly into everyday life.