The Story Behind Rat des Champs

The Story Behind Rat des Champs

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The Story Behind the Brand: Rat des Champs

Vintage whim. Everyday comfort. Earth-friendly fabrics. We debut our first line of everyday essentials with inspirational colors, print combinations, and vintage themes such as 60’s and 70’s, custom artwork by Pinky, and classic fables that are the heart of all Rat des Champs’ stories. Our purpose is to impart to everyone a “joie de Vivre" with soul-soothing tales of long ago. We welcome you to an imaginary world where clothing is more than necessity or luxury but embodies the creativity of your story.

 Butterfly and Snail:

A Butterfly was seen by a Snail who berated it for its color. Butterfly responded he was colored by nature as are others. The Snail was a foil to this.


Don’t reject the ornamental when given by nature.

I cannot but be thankful for and value myself the more, as one of Nature’s favorites in being thus adorned.

Indeed, all the elements conspire to deck with gaiety of hues the splendid mass

“The earth from its bowels delivers up its dazzling gems, and shining ores. And the air and fire which compose the heavens, display the vivid rainbow, and the glory of the rising and the setting sun. And permit me in return to whisper a secret in your ear:—it is such as yourself that serve as a foil to that splendor, which is Nature’s favorite garb.

By: Aesop


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