Rat des Champs specializes in making vintage style custom clothing and offering a new perspective on a vintage inspired lifestyle. We value using only ethically sourced materials which are sewn locally. Our goal with every stitch is beautiful,  classic (and a bit offbeat) vintage style. 

I began Rat des Champs at home in 2017. My dream was having a business that would incorporate my love of dress-up with timeless,  playful vintage style and an unconditional regard for the earth and its inhabitants. I hope you find inspiration and joy in our work.


Rat des Champs is:

Alix Davidson  Owner, Designer, Seamstress

With Special Help From:

Diana Ascarrunz Photography  Austin, TX

Shannon Palmer Photography  Shreveport, LA

Las Ofrendas  Styling and Florals  Austin, TX

Sarah Loftin  Styling, Photography, Modelling  Shreveport, LA

April Dahm  Business/Location Assistance  Shreveport, LA

Kiana McDaniel  Modelling  Austin, TX

Leslie Barrientos  Modelling  Austin, TX

Von Thomas  Modelling  Austin, TX

Riley Palmer  Modelling  Shreveport, LA

Michele Ebarb Seamstress  Shreveport, LA

Stephanie Kyle  Seamstress  Shreveport, LA

DeJa Hamilton  Assistant  Shreveport, LA 

Stitch Texas Austin, TX

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