Custom Orders

Customers interested in custom orders including original designs, reproductions, and costuming are welcome to contact by email or filling out the custom order inquiry form, below.

All pieces for sale in the shop can be custom made to any size. Online custom orders are available for some styles. The complexity of the garment determines wether an in person fitting is required. Please contact us with questions regarding customization.

The process takes a minimum of one month for a standard dress reproduction and a minimum three months for original designs and costuming. Additional time may be required depending on the garment/garments.

Custom orders require an initial consultation. The fee for 30 minutes is $15 and an additional $15 for each 30 minute block after that.

Many custom orders require a muslin sample to the customers measurements. This is a standard $50 charge and any additional fittings are billed at an hourly seamstresses rate of $20.

A 50% deposit of the estimated cost is required before production can begin. We never charge more than the estimate without an agreement with the customer that additional time is required for a specific detail per customers request.

All fittings after completion of the garment are charged at the hourly seamstresses rate $20.

Custom Caftan
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